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The Antique Rug & Textile Show 2009


Proximate hotels - walking distance to Motel Capri

View Motel Capri and proximate hotels in a larger map. You need to zoom out to see all mentioned hotels.

The Motel Capri is located at the corner of Greenwich and Buchanan in San Francisco’s Marina District. Greenwich runs parallel to LOMBARD the main north/south artery and is one short off Buchanan. Buchanan intersects the 18/1900 block of Lombard. 
With the exception of the Hotel del Sol located on the corner of the 2000 block of Greenwich most of the facilities are on Lombard. You can gauge the walking distance from the addresses.
A word of caution should you elect to find accommodation through Google or a comparable search engine. Many of the facilities that pop up, all claiming to be in the Marina district, are in fact nowhere close. Consult a map if you want a place within walking distance of the Capri.

The following is a list of hotels in the vicinity of the Motel Capri. Listed in order of proximity. 

Hotel del Sol, 3100 Webster St., 1 877 433-5765,

Coventry Motor Inn, 1901 Lombard St., 1 415 567-1200,

Ramada Limited San Francisco, 1940 Lombard st., 1 415-775-8116,

Chelsea Motor Inn, 2095 Lombard St., 1 415 563-5600,

Marina Inn, 3110 Octavia St., 1 415 928-1000,

Greenwich Inn, 3201 Steiner St., 1 415 921-5162,

Town House Motel, 1650 Lombard St., 1 415 885-5163,

Buena Vista Motor Inn, 1599 Lombard St., 1 415 923-9600,

Francisco Bay Inn, 1501 Lombard St., 1 800 410-7007,

Cow Hollow, 2190 Lombard St., 1 415 921-5800,

Surf Motel, 2265 Lombard St., 1 415 922-1950,

Lombard Motor Inn, 1475 Lombard St., 1 415 441-6000,

Pacific Heights Inn, 1555 Union St., 1 415 776-3310,

Americas Best Value, 2322 Lombard St., 1 415 921-4980,

Heritage Marina, 2550 Van Ness Ave., 1 415 776-7500,

The Marina Motel, 2576 Lombard St., 1 415 921-9406,

La Luna, 2599 Lombard St., 1 415 346-4664,

Great hotels

The Marina district, especially Union St. and Chestnut, is one of the nicest parts of San Francisco. Fort Mason, the bay, and the Marina Green are all within a reasonably short walk , most of the shops are unique , there are many excellent restaurants, and the homes are beautiful. The hotels in the neighborhood are of varying quality. The first ones were built to accommodate the builders of the Golden Gate Bridge in the 1930's. After the bridge was finished they evolved into traveling family motels and those built later conformed to this idea. None are new or even built recently. San Francisco has many great hotels. For those of you that want to take advantage of these I've prepared a short list. Regrettably none are in the neighborhood. A taxi or other transportation will be needed to visit the show. San Francisco has quite a few great hotels but rather than list them all we will list only 2 with the idea that any hotel is more fun if you bump into your friends and acquaintances.

Palace Hotel, 2 New Montgomery St., 1 415 512-1111

Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason St., 1 415 394-1111,

Both of these hotels have good food, a great swimming pool, excellent service, and pleasing environment. The Palace Bar has several wonderful original Parish paintings while the Nikko is close to Union Square. We suggest that you book in groups if possible to get good rates. Also, it might pay to keep your eye on the net of special offers. Good luck.

  ARTS October 15-26, 2009 at Motel Capri, 2015 Greenwich Street, San Francisco CA 94123.
 Admission fee adults 15 $, students and children free admission

  ARTS: Michael Craycraft Web: Ivan Soenderholm,